We are a small Household that meets in a home of approximately 15-20 regular attendees and the Lord has placed upon us a burden for Sweden as a nation. We are working among the poor and most of those connected to our Household are struggling to survive from month to month.

We really felt the Lord impressing upon our hearts to start preparing a seed for someone who would be going to Sweden to plant a church there. As we discussed and prayed about this we sensed that the Lord does not expect us to give what we do not have but rather to give what we do have and do not use.

We took a large 3kg contents bottle and placed it next to our offering basket. The instruction was that every week as we have church or any other meeting everyone would place whatever silver or copper coins that they had to spare into this bottle. Over the weeks we saw how passion to give towards this project started to grow in the hearts of the people. Suddenly we saw R10, R20, R50, R100 and even R200 notes being placed in the bottle.

We have emptied this bottle twice and have now collected an amount of over R5000.00 that we have transferred into the account of the person going to Sweden.


You might ask me as to why am I sharing this with you. Well the Orphanages in the Moot area, are suffering due to the government support that has been withdrawn. I believe that if we as the Body of Christ that is represented by all the different churches in the Moot can begin to do the same we can really make a difference in the lives of these children and alleviate the financial pressure that they are experiencing.

If we can also activate the schools in the Moot to do the same I believe that there can be a real breakthrough for these orphanages.  It is my desire to see this not as a project but as a restorative process that becomes a sustainable work over the years to come as people in the Moot to begin to really take care of these orphanages.

Please consider joining us in this worthy project. If you wish to get involved please contact us:

Ps Herman Bouwer


Mobile: 0827396537

Grace to you all