From Orphanity To Dominion In Sonship


This book is the culmination of my own journey into sonship through my life to date. What I share with you in the principles and content in this book are extracts from my own life’s journey in coming to a place of maturity in my sonship.
This is not a book to read before you go to sleep at night. This book will challenge you to investigate your own worldview and belief system as well as the place from where you operate as a believer on a daily basis.
The book’s purpose is also to challenge you to investigate your own value in what you believe. Further to investigate if you are operating from a position of rejection, low self-image, unforgiveness, and many more.
This is not a reading book but a book that will take you on a journey to discover what lies you still believe about yourself and place the plumbline of the Word of God and the truth of the Word against your life.
If this book blesses you, please give the glory to God as I do not take any for myself as I was a mere vessel in the hand of the father to put these truths into print.

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