About our logo

777th Precinct Ministries Resource Center

This Logo was given to Renette and Herman after prayer and waiting on God for the new wineskin that had to replace the old wineskin. The symbolic meaning of this logo and the elements contained in the Logo is presented to you in order to understand the message that it carries when used in our documentation and publications.


The number seven can be described as Spiritual Perfection – Seven washings are typical of our complete spiritual cleansing (2 Kings 5:14). We are not declaring that we have reached spiritual perfection but declares it as our position in Christ. The three sevens represent the three biblical feast pertaining to our spiritual walk in reaching perfection as revealed through the patterns of the Feast of Passover, Feast of Pentecost and also the Feast of Tabernacles representing the first, second and third day truths.

This is seen in Gideon, Judges 6.

  1. Conviction as to his own humiliating condition, verse 11, as shown in verse 15.
  2. An exercised heart, verse 13, as caused by the prophet’s testimony, verse 8.
  3. No confidence in the flesh, verse 15.
  4. Peace with God through grace; the peace of God through gift, verses 17, 18, 22, 23.
  5. Worship, verse 24.
  6. Obedience in small things, verses 25-27.
  7. Power for great things, verses 33-35 and chapter 7.


This indicates a district of a city or town marked out for administrative purposes. A precinct is a space enclosed by the walls or other boundaries of a particular place or building, or by an arbitrary and imaginary line drawn around it. In its application in this context we refer this as to relate to the Metron for which God has mandated this ministry.

The World and Continents:

Our call is to the nations of the world and therefore the use of the globe and the continents and also the emphasize on the great commission to preach repentance and the Kingdom of God message as was done by Jesus and the apostles.

Circle of Hands:

The circle of hands symbolizes the unity within the body of Christ. There are five hands each one representing one of the offices of the five fold ministry to be manifested in the local church. It further represents the bone to bone connection between the members and ministries to which we relate and who wishes to join us in this vision and call from God.


This represents the Trinity and also symbolically the covering of the local house, the church.

The Rectangle:

This represents the local body and bride of Christ in each city and town in all countries. The body of Christ united in one accord. Both the Triangle and the Rectangle forms the image of a house. This represents the House of the Lord. His glorious Church.