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Both audio and written notes are available from our media centre for download. All the information is hosted at our Sermon Studio channel as well as on the Audio Rhema Mobile Application and is available for you to listen to as a podcast or to download and listen to in your own time.

There is a vast host of messages, teachings and series available. Please take your time to go through the index and select that you need.

You can also use the search function to find a specific topic that you wish to study or listen to.

In order to be directed to our Sermon Studio, please click on the Button below.

Should your browser fail to redirect please copy and paste the following link in the address bar of your browser.

All my audio teachings are being currently uploaded to AUDIO RHEMA, a site dedicated to promoting audio sermons of Christian speakers.

Click the link here to go there now

The wonderful benefit of this is that you can listen to a sermon on ANY MOBILE PHONE online, and / or download it, store it and listen to it later offline.

Four Major Benefits of Audio Rhema are:

1. You get instant access to my messages as well as that of other Christian sermons and messages, both old and new; easily explore, follow and store your favourites.

2. You can have a library where you can easily store and access all your downloaded content, including sermons, audio Bibles and speakers you follow, in a well-organised library.

3. You can listen to messages off-line. Download now and enjoy as many sermons and audio Bibles as you want offline, anywhere on-the-go, right from the app.

4. Never miss an update of new messages posted. Get notifications for new publications, new speakers, featured audio/video sermons and from speakers you follow.

I am currently in the process of uploading all the messages since 2008 and hope to have this completed by the end of 2018. You now have the ability to access all the messages and teaching from this platform.

You will be notified whenever a new sermon is uploaded.

May I also encourage you to share the Audio Rhema platform with your friends and family.

Grace to you.


Your support of the work of the ministry will be greatly appreciated. If you were blessed by our resources please take the time to make a donation towards the support of the work we are doing by visiting our “Giving” page