Operation Living Waters : MOEKA VILLAGE in SOSHANGUVE

Again we have come to a place where residents in the Moeka Village in Soshanguve are experiencing a serious drought at the moment similar to that of 2016 and 2017. This is a rural area and farmers and villagers in these rural areas do not have any clean drink water to use.

The water that is currently available to the community is only from boreholes that has become so salty and brackish that it is no longer usable and fit for human consumption. The provision through municipal system is non-existent. Those residents who still have access to water are selling it at ridiculous prices.

Moeka also falls in the Tswaing area where government declared in 2016 already that there is a desperate need to address the water supply to this area. Although several efforts has been made by the community to get local government to address this situation since 2016 and to restore water provision no proper and effective provision has been supplied or put into place till date.

Until such time that government intervenes and actually responds to the plight of the residents and animals that are living here something needs to be done that is more than just talking about the problem.

The animals must now be hand fed with water and food as there is no longer any natural resources available and farmers are buying water in containers to water their animals.

Join us in giving hope in this time to this community by saving all your plastic bottles (10l-25l), wash them out, fill them with clean drinking water and drop them off at 1256 Blondel Street, Queenswood in Pretoria.

If you are willing to go the extra mile and purchase some bales or bags of cattle feed at your local farmer stores and drop this off at the same address we will ensure that it is distributed to those in need in the community.

Non-perishable food can also be dropped off at this point and we will see to it that it is distributed to a point of distribution in Moeka from where it can then be distributed into the community.

The Moeka village consists of approximately 900 families.

We want to try and find a permanent solution to this problem and would like to ask people to sponsor a Household with R150.00. If we are successful in obtaining a sponsor for every household we would be able to drill one borehole and set up water tanks and pumps that can provide water to the whole village given that we are successful in finding strong enough underground water with a water filtering solution.

For more information contact Ps Herman Bouwer at 0827396537 (Please keep the calls between office hours if possible).

Support this community

Grace to you.