Mwari Vachin Kukudai God still loves you – Zimbabwe


The parents of children that are living in this area are in my employ.  Maware is a small rural village consisting of approx. 40 people of which there are 8 families including the elderly. Maware is so tiny it is not even recorded on any map. The village is situated 105km from the closest small identifiable and mapped village.

Maware is under the leadership and oversight of Headman Madzivazvido. There is no electricity or water available and residents collect water from a river which is located 5km away. The dam that supplies water to Maware is completely dry due to the current and widespread drought in Zimbabwe which has given no signs of abating.

The devastation caused by the drought has resulted in the villagers being unable to plant crops for food and sustain themselves. They are in desperate need of your support. Currently, we have identified 4 families who are overseen by their grandparents. These families receive zero support or any financial assistance from either the government or other family members. The rest of the families in the village get support from family members working in South Africa and elsewhere on a regular basis.

As their Pastor I am appealing to everyone to meet this challenge and dispatch a life-saving relief package, via Patrick and Judy, to these 4 families. The 4 families are represented by:

  • Nyuwa Todzungaira
  • Keziya Mapapura
  • Elizabeth Binikwa
  • Samuel Mtombeni

The relief package will consist of the following items for each family:


1 Maize Meal 12.5kg 1
2 Self Raising Flour    500g 6
3 Cooking Oil    5L 1
4 Brown Sugar  10 kg 1
5 Washing Powder     5kg 1
 9 Dry Flavoured Soya Mince  10 kg 3
7 OXO Oxtail Cubes 24pckt 1
8 Salt     1kg 2
9 Rice   10kg 1
10 Loose Tea     1kg 2
11 Cremora of Ellis Brown Coffee Creamer     1kg 2
12 Jolly Juice     box 1
13 Warm Blanket ¾ Bed 1
14 Peanut Butter Smooth 1kg 1
15 Large Transport Bag 120kg 1

The TOTAL approximate cost for each package is R3000.00 inclusive of transportation and import duties into Zimbabwe.

Total cost for 4 families is R3000 X 4 = R12 000.00

Ideally, this package should be sent to these 4 families every 6 months.

In the midst of all suffering and hardship we have the grace to bring a message of hope and love to those in need.

Please contact us if you wish to contribute towards this gracious project.

Grace to you all,

Pastor Herman and Renette Bouwer
Mobile:  082 739 6537