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Moot International Christian Academy partners with Operation Living Waters – Moeka

We are happy to announce that Moot International Christian Academy (MICA) joined this project. The school community reacted to the call for support with much vigor. MICA has committed themselves to run in partnership with us in making a difference in the Moeka community. We are thankful unto the Lord for His faithfulness. Two of the students traveled with Ps Herman to Moeka to deliver the water to the community and it was a life changing experience for them. Our appreciation and thanks to the Staff at Mica as well as the students and parents for their support. A special word of thanks also to teacher Bernhardt for the oversight of the loading at the school.

We were able to deliver 860.5 Liters of pure drinking water to the villagers.


We are happy to announce that the drought for now in MOEKA has been broken and things in the village are returning to normal again.

We are placing the project on hold for now as there is sufficient ground water available in the Village for now.

We want to thank all who so generously partook and supported this venture. A special word of thanks to Mike Burt of the Capital Park Community Centre, Ps Johan Retief of the Rock Solid Church and also Ellenor of The Saint Marks Presbyterian Church, Queenswood, the students and staff of Moot International Christian Academy who assisted in the collection and distribution of water and food.

We will activate the project again later this year as the need arises.

Grace to you all.